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February 2018 Schooner Flash Newsletter

February 2018 Schooner Flash Newsletter – PDF Format


The Schooner Flash

February 2018
Issue 119

Your Schooner Family
Sue O’Brien
Linda Hildonen

In This Issue

  • Mardi Gras
  • Welcome
  • A Special Visitor
  • Word Search
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Robin Dow
  • Laughter
  • Mardi Gras Menu
  • Wear Red Day

Mardi Gras 2018

Here it is, the official announcement for this year’s Mardi Gras celebration, Schooner style! It arrives early this year, Tuesday, February 13th. This is a very popular event and we all look forward to it.
In case you are wondering why the date changes every year, it is because Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday,” is the last day of the Carnival season in New Orleans, as it always falls the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. The date is connected to Easter, which can fall on any Sunday between March 23rd and April 25th. Mardi Gras is always scheduled to take place 47 days before Easter.

As always, friends and family are invited to share in the festivities. Please call at 784-2900 or stop by our front desk, sign them up and pick up a ticket for our buffet lunch. Our residents will be seated closest to their regular lunch times.

Don’t forget our fabulous parade, starting at 3:00 p.m. in the Village Green. Residents and staff are encouraged to dress up and have fun! So dust off your outfits and your stash of green, gold and purple beads! We’ll see you on the 13th!


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our community!

Fern Dumoulin – Studio 105
Claudette Erlandson – Apartment 318


A Special Visit

On January 15th, Schooner Estates had the honor of a visit from Senator Susan Collins. She toured the community and spoke with each and every resident, waiting for her in our Village Green.

Residents and employees alike were thrilled to meet her.


The Origins of Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again: candy hearts, red roses, and declarations of love all mark the February 14th celebration of St. Valentine’s Day. But while many complain that the celebration of romantic love has become too commercial, few understand the origins of the holiday.

Valentine’s Day has its roots in a Lupercalia, an Ancient Roman Fertility Festival celebrated in mid-February. Involving the ritual sacrifice of a goat and many more salacious details, the practice was outlawed by the heads of the Christian Church in the fifth century, who quickly established a celebration of St. Valentine in its place. Oddly enough, there is some controversy and uncertainty over who exactly the church was honoring and why: there were multiple sainted men named Valentine in the Christian religion. The martyrdom being celebrated is also in question, though the most popular story is that of a man who was executed for performing secret marriages which had been outlawed by Roman Emperor Claudius II.

It wasn’t until the 14th century that the holiday became definitively associated with love, largely because of a poem written by Chaucer based on the belief that birds would mate on the sacred day. He wrote: “For this was on St. Valentine’s Day, When every fowl cometh there to choose his mate.” In the poem, Chaucer treats the birds as a symbol for lovers everywhere, and thus, the romantic tone of Valentine’s Day was cemented!


Words of Wisdom: Pauline Pare

It may not surprise you to hear that the always-smiling Pauline Pare offered the following words of wisdom when asked to relate the most important thing she had figured out in her lifetime: “Be happy daily – make others smile always.” When asked to name something she said that younger people today don’t understand, she said “Tomorrow will bring bigger and better things.” And, just in time for Valentine’s Day, here is her advice on love and marriage: “Love a very good friend and maybe marriage will follow.” Follow this advice, and maybe we’ll all start smiling as much as Pauline!


Robin Dow Announcement

Robin Dow Seniors will be meeting, in our Tenants Harbor Room at 10:30 a.m. They are here every 2nd & 4th Wednesday. Visitors are always welcome. Stop by and say hello.

Enjoy a cup of coffee and see what they are all about.


Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

I have heard that children laugh 400 times a day and adults laugh 15 times a day. If that is true, then somewhere along the way we lost 385 laughs a day. That’s very sad and not a laughing matter. We don’t need to lose our sense of fun, joy and humor as we age but many of us do.

We all want laughter in our lives because whenever you ask someone what’s important in a mate one of the first things that they always say is a good sense of humor.

Humor will get you very far in life- especially in times of trouble and despair. You have to look really deep to find the humor in some situations but if you can find it you will release chemicals in your body that will help to ease the pain. Even a simple smile releases stress by releasing endorphins. Once released these endorphins travel down the spine sending feel good messages throughout the rest of your body as they go.
Endorphins are strong and have the power to reduce symptoms of physical or emotional pain and they will blanket you with a feeling of well being.

What they say is true. Laughter really is the best medicine so try to get out there and surround yourself with the things and people that make you laugh and bring joy into your life every day.

What or who makes you laugh and or smile?


Speaking of Smiles…

Did you know that smiling actually improves your bodies immunity by lowering levels of the stress hormone known as cortisol?

Mardi Gras Menu


  • Corn and Andouille Hush Puppies
  • Bayou Crab Dip with Baguettes


  • Bourbon St. Seven Layer Salad
  • Creole Potato Salad
  • Red Cabbage and Orange Salad

Carving Station

  • Cajun Roast Sirloin


  • Tasso Eggs Benedict
  • Mardi Gras Pancakes
  • Andouille Breakfast Casserole
  • Creole Crab cakes with Remoulade Sauce
  • Fried Oysters
  • Shrimp Etouffee
  • Corn and Okra Succotash
  • Red Beans and Rice


  • Kings Cakes/Bananas Foster Sundaes
  • Peach Bourbon Fruit Cups

National Wear Red Day

On Friday, February 2nd, wear red to show your support for heart disease awareness. American Heart Association lapel pins, wrist bands and hearts are available at the front desk for $2.00.

One hundred percent of your donation goes to this cause.

October 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter

October 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter

The Schooner Flash

October 2017 Issue 115


Your Schooner Family


Sue O’Brien


Linda Hildonen


In This Issue:

  • Employee Ceremony
  •  Welcome
  • Halloween Parade
  • Craft Fair Update
  • Upcoming
  • Making a Difference
  • Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Flu Season

 Employee Appreciation 2017

The arrival of Fall brings about many changes. We start to think of the upcoming holidays, visits to the local apple orchards, decorating for Halloween, Fall fairs, foliage rides, plus much more. Here at Schooner, one of the events we look forward to in October, is our annual “Employee Recognition Ceremony.” All Schooner staff members are top notch and are appreciated for the care they give throughout the year.


Staff will be recognized for their service and exceptional efforts, at our ceremony, which will take place on Wednesday, October 18th, at 2:30 p.m. in the Village Green. Residents and staff are encouraged to attend. Each year, everyone is excited to be there and happy to be with each other.


Other special employee events will be happening throughout the month. Employees will receive notices listing the events.


Light foods and refreshments will be available starting at 2:15 p.m.  Everyone is invited!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our community!

  • Carolyn Burke, apt. 637
  • Paul LaChapelle, apt. 413
  • Lucille Miller, apt. 332
  • Theresa Vaillancourt, apt. 324
  • Ted Walther, apt. 522
  • Emmeline Walton, apt. 632


Halloween Parade

Hey! We’re having a Halloween Parade in our Village Green on Tuesday, October 31st at 3:30.

Join in, dressed in your “spookiest” of attire!

It’s Almost Time!

Just a reminder…our October annual craft fair is almost here. The date Saturday, October 21st from 10-3 p.m. Tables have been reserved and the crafters are busy getting prepared!

Don’t forget our raffle, which has been going on for a while. If you haven’t already, purchase your tickets at our front desk. Try your luck and win a great gift! Fourteen items are in the drawing. Everyone is welcome to participate.

The drawing will be held on our craft fair day. All proceeds go to Camp Sunshine.

Things to Look Forward To!

Here at Schooner, the last Friday of each month, we are pleased to offer once again, an adult coloring session. This therapeutic session starts at 2:30 p.m. in the 2nd floor Study,     materials are provided. Stop by and see what it is all about!


We are having a Bake Sale on Friday, October 27th from 9-11 a.m. This is always a very popular and “tasty” event! Stop by our Village Green and make a few purchases!

It’s All About Making a Difference

It’s that time of year again and we are excited to share with you what we have collected over the last 12 months for the American Heart Association, Alzheimer’s Association and Camp Sunshine. We are extremely proud of the generosity of all who helped in any way to make these fund raising events a success. Raising awareness and making a difference in patients’ lives is our goal!

  • Camp Sunshine: $1,300.00
  • American Heart Association: $3,106.00
  • Alzheimer’s Association: $3,784.00

Schooner owners John Orestis and Barbra Crowley generously matched all original funds, in order for us to reach the grand totals above.

Schooner & North Country Associates donated $30,000 in 2016 to the Good Shepherd Food Bank by individuals donating from their paychecks each week and some fundraising events.


Mind, Body & Spirit

Below are a few comments submitted by a Schooner resident…

  • Schooner wants every Resident to be happy. There are so many opportunities to get involved in activities, big and small. Schooner provides a wonderful, diverse and supportive community.
  • As a care partner, you have a powerful input on the person you are the caregiver to! That is why we have a caregiver group to help you with situations you are having trouble with. The group meets on the last Tuesday of the month at 10:30 a.m. in our 2nd floor Study room. Come and just listen.

This year’s Schooner Resident Flu Clinic will be held on Wednesday, October 25th in the Castine Living Room. If you haven’t already, please call the front desk at 784-2900 to sign up. Flu season can begin as early as October and last as late as May. It’s best to get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available each Fall.  The flu shot becomes effective about 2 weeks after you get it.


For all who have signed up for the shot, a memo will be distributed letting you know your     scheduled arrival time. Below are a few tips to help you stay healthy this season.

It’s Time For a Flu Shot

1. Wash Your Hands

Soap them up often and scrub well. It’s a key way to lower your odds of getting a cold or the flu. You pick up germs on your fingers and can get them in your mouth or eyes. Many viruses spread that way.


2. Get Your Flu Shot

You may think of the flu as only a minor problem, but it can be very serious. You may be in bed for days. The flu can even be dangerous, especially for young children and older adults. One little shot may pay off for you and your family. It’s a myth that the flu vaccine can give you the flu.

3. Get Ready!

Make sure you have the supplies you need to battle germs. Stock up on medicines like pain relievers or decongestants. Don’t forget tissues, soap, and hand sanitizer. Check to see if your thermometer works, too. At the supermarket, load up on fluids, herbal tea, and simple comfort foods like chicken soup.

4. Pay Attention to Symptoms

Cold or flu? There’s no surefire way to tell the symptoms apart. Even your doctor may not be sure which one you have without testing. Usually, colds are milder. You might have a runny or stuffy nose. The flu is usually more severe and comes on suddenly. It will probably knock you off your feet for a few days.     Fever, body aches, and exhaustion are more common with it.

5. Get the Right Medicine

You can choose from a lot of cold and flu remedies. Combination medications package several solutions in one pill — like a decongestant, cough suppressant, and a painkiller. They can be convenient, but they might not be your best bet if you don’t have all of the symptoms they treat. Instead, choose a medicine to treat only your specific symptom. Read labels closely, and don’t take more than one medicine with the same ingredient. Always check with your doctor. Call our Schooner nursing office if you feel sick.

6. Drink Extra Fluids

It will help thin mucus, drain your sinuses, and relieve a stuffy nose. Water, broth, and sports drinks are good choices. Alcohol isn’t. Hot drinks like herbal tea will also warm your airways,

helping relieve congestion.

7. Stay Home if You’re Sick

Take time off. If you push yourself to work instead of rest, your recovery may be much harder. Your cold could last longer, and you could also spread germs to other people.

8. Use Throwaways to Curb Germs

When someone in your home is sick, switch to disposable products in your bathroom until they get better. It’s a simple way to stop the spread of germs among family members. Replace cloth hand

towels with paper ones, and bring in paper or plastic cups.





September 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter

September 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter

The Schooner Flash

September 2017
Issue 114


In This Issue

  • Oktoberfest Cookout
  • Open House
  • Welcome
  • Favorite Photos
  • Word Search
  • A Special Birthday
  • Craft Fair Update
  • Fall Senior College
  • Tenant Council
  • Oktoberfest Menu
  • Summer Pictures

Your Schooner Family
Sue O’Brien
Linda Hildonen

Oktoberfest Cookout

With a quick mention of the words: grilling, sausage and sauerkraut, (and don’t forget lederhosen), you should automatically begin thinking of Oktoberfest! Our Oktoberfest cookout is the last of the season. Summer is flying by and it is hard to believe that September is almost here.

Scheduled for Wednesday, September 20th, two days before the official start of Fall, this years feast will be fantastic, as usual! As always, friends and family are invited. Just call our front desk at 784-2900 and sign up your guests. Take a look at our menu on page four.

Schooner Open House

Saturday September 9th

With our plans almost complete, we invite you to join us for our Open House Celebration, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Our community will be filled with visitors and our current residents are welcome to invite friends and family to enjoy the day. Feel free to invite anyone you would like to refer, we would love to meet them! Tours will be given (10 a.m. – 3 p.m.) in order for guests to see what we are all about! Below are the events of the day:

•Live remote with Maine’s Big Z 105.5 from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
•A cookout for guests will be in progress from 12:00 p.m. through 1:30 p.m.
•A musical Sock Hop Concert with band “Hot Damn” at 2:30 p.m. outside – near the Residential Care Patio.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our community!

•Geraldine Call, stu. 104
•Gilda Dennis, apt. 629
•Maggie Landry, Res. Care
•Joe Strout, apt. 647
•Ted Walther, apt. 522

A Special August Birthday

Our own Irving Isaacson celebrated his 102nd birthday on August 7th. A great day, spent with family and friends!

2017 Fall Craft Fair Update

It’s never too early to start planning for a craft fair.  The date for Schooner’s craft fair this year is Saturday, October 21st.

If you would like to reserve a table or two to display your crafts, for yourself, a friend or family member, just let Giselle Prevost know. She will be happy to sign you up and give you all the details! Stop by and see her or you may call her at extension 135.

Also, We have a raffle going on featuring some lovely handmade items. Posters showing these items can be seen in the elevators or you may pick up a copy at Sue’s desk. The drawing will be held on our craft fair day, Saturday, October 21st.

Fall Senior College

We are excited to announce our Fall Senior College Course class line up. Both classes are filling fast. If you are interested in attending, check with Giselle Prevost to see if there are any openings left, and for further class information.

“Introduction to Real Picasso”
•September 19th through October 24th
6 Tuesdays, 9:30 – 11:30 am
Taught by Senior College Instructor Kirsten Larrson-Turley

”Values, Ethics and Search for Meaning”
•September 21st through November 9th, 8 Thursdays, 9:30 – 11:30 am.
Taught by long time Senior College Instructor Charles W. Plummer, Ph.D.

Since all classes are Schooner hosted, this is a great amenity and convenience for you, our residents! As always, there are no tests or homework. Coffee and Danish are provided for all attendees, conveniently located in our Camden coffee bar area for the morning break.

Let The Meetings Begin

Your Schooner Tenant Council meetings will be starting soon. We encourage all Schooner residents to take advantage of these meetings. Along with receiving important helpful information, it is also a great way to participate in what is happening in your community.

Oktoberfest Cookout Menu

* Pretzels with mustard dip
* Cheddar ale soup Salads
* German potato
* Pickled cucumber

* Reuben pizza
* Guinness brats with apple onion sauerkraut
* Pastry wrapped salmon with mustard dill sauce
* Porter braised beef brisket
* Potato pancakes
* Braised red cabbage

*Black Forest shooters
*Dutch apple cream cheese Kuchen

E N J O Y !!

August 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter

August 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter

The Schooner Flash

August 2017 Issue 113

Your Schooner Family
Sue O’Brien
Linda Hildonen

In This Issue:

  • Supporting the Arts
  • Open House
  • Welcome
  • Easy Recipe
  • Word Search
  • Save the Date
  • Referral Bonus
  • 102 Years Young
  • Play Pool
  • “I’m Not Ready”
  • Arts – Continued
  • July BBQ Photos

Supporting the Arts

Our Fair Lady, Tonie Ramsey, has become the latest resident to lend her image to our series of theater-inspired ads, which appear in the playbills for The Franco-American Heritage Center, as well as the Public Theater and other local performing arts centers.

Past participants have been Ralph Gould, posing as The Phantom of the Opera, and Romeo and Theresa Labbe, posing as none other than Romeo and Juliet! See our previous season’s ad on the back page of this issue of the Flash!

Thank you to all our models for making our annual playbill ads a hit!


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our community!

Elaine Letendre, apartment 415
Muriel Myers, Residential Care
Joan Wood, apartment 621


Something Quick and Tasty

Whenever you have a craving for chocolate, this easy “No Bake Chocolate Cookies” recipe should cure it! This recipe is a classic! Whenever you want to make something quick and easy and chocolatey, give it a try.

  • 1/4 cup butter (melted)
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa
  • 1/2 cup milkStir together and boil 1 minute and add:
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 3 cups rolled oats
  • 1 teaspoon vanillaDrop with a teaspoon and cool. Enjoy!


Comments in Passing

“If we fill our hours with regrets over the failures of yesterday, and with worries over the problems of tomorrow, we have no today in which to be thankful.”


Save the Date

It’s never too early to start preparing for a craft fair.  The date for Schooner’s craft fair this year is Saturday, October 21st.

If you would like to reserve a table or two to display your crafts, for yourself, a friend or family member, just let Giselle Prevost know and she will be happy to sign you up and give you all the details! Her office is down the hall from the Camden Living Room or you may call her at ext. 135.


Did Someone Say $$$$$?

A friendly reminder: Schooner Estates offers a $1000 referral bonus. If you have any friends, family or acquaintances that you believe would enjoy living here at Schooner Estates, invite them in for a tour! They can even stay to have lunch with you, on the house. And the best part? If you refer someone new who comes to live here at Schooner Estates, you will be paid a one thousand dollar referral bonus!


A Special July Birthday!

Our own Hope Weston turned 102 years young on July 6th. She is amazing and we hope her day was filled with many birthday wishes!


Play Pool

Take time out from your everyday routine and play a game of pool! Our pool room also contains game tables and a large screen television. The perfect place for a friendly get together.

Located on the 2nd floor, Searsport building.


“I’m Not Ready Yet”

We hear that comment so often when talking to people about the lifestyle at Schooner Estates and sometimes find it difficult to answer in a brief way. The article below, says exactly what we would like to say to folks who are trying to make this decision.

How often a strong and vigorous man or an active and gracious woman enter their retirement years and use this excuse to postpone the planning and decisions that could free them to enjoy the time.

They’re not ready yet…

•To live in an attractive and comfortable home without the effort of maintaining it.

•To enjoy excellent meals, graciously served in an attractive dining room, and give up the chores of constant shopping, cooking, and cleaning up.

•To eliminate worry concerning health, security and transportation.

They’re not ready, in short, to simplify their lives. They wait for some sign, some failing, to justify or even compel a move from the home that’s too big, or chores and possessions which require a great deal of attention. Sometimes they wait too long.

Sometimes they find they have wasted what could have been some of their better years. Moving to senior living shouldn’t mean retiring from life, but simplifying life to enjoy new interests and activities, or the old ones there wasn’t enough time for. One doesn’t step into old age by moving to a community, but opens a new door to an active, dignified and interesting life.

What does the senior living home have to offer? Independence, a sense of community, friendships, a place to be private and security.

Our best gift? A gift of time to use constructively and personal services to be used as needed.

July 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter

July 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter

Schooner Flash Newsletter

July 2017
Issue 112

Your Schooner Family
Sue O’Brien
Linda Hildonen

In This Issue:

  • Americana BBQ
  • Welcome
  • Welcome Back
  • Word Search
  • Quilt Show
  • July BBQ Menu
  • Health Tips
  • Men’s Photos
  • Open House

Time to Celebrate the Red, White & Blue

The weather is warm, the days are long and summer is in full swing. Before you know it, we’ll be having our second barbeque of the season. Planned for Wednesday, July 5th, with an “Americana” theme, this will be our official celebration of Independence Day!

We are hoping to see everyone wearing their red, white and blue attire. Chef Seth Lyons and his culinary crew will be loading the buffet tables with a superb line up of foods and festive drinks…and don’t forget dessert! See our menu on page
three. Invite your friends and family – pick up a guest ticket at the front desk.
Below are a few pics from our June 7th Hawaiian cookout.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our community!

Louise Desjardins, apartment 412
Colleen Weston, studio 105

Welcome Back Katelyn!

We are happy to report that our former home health nurse, Jen Kelliher, Schooner RN, is thoroughly enjoying being a mom. It does sadden us though that she has decided to tender her resignation from Schooner.  We thank Jen for all her support of our Schooner community over this past year and wish her the best with her family.

And…we’re very pleased to share that Katelyn Sanford has accepted the full time Home Health Nurse position.  Everyone is thrilled to have Katelyn back and move into this position permanently.  Katelyn has done an incredible job for us filling in for Jen over the past 3 months.  Her knowledge, expertise and passion for our Schooner family will continue to serve us well.   Please join me in welcoming Katelyn to her new position.

Quilts…Save the Date

Quilts, they warm the heart and soul and truly are works of art. That being said, we are happy to inform you of an upcoming event. Join our own Giselle Prevost for a ride to the Maine Quilt Show, to be held on Thursday, July 27th. This annual event is presented by Pine Tree Quilters Guild and will be held at the Augusta Civic Center. If you love quilts, this is the event of the year for you!

Check with Giselle for trip details and to sign up.

Americana BBQ Menu

Here you go…all the makings of an incredible “Americana” 4th of July barbecue, right here! From traditional favorites such as fried chicken and burgers – – plus a lot, lot more. Schooner Chef Seth Lyons and his crew have taken care of the menu so you can focus on enjoying yet another perfect barbeque.
See you on July 5th!

Cukes in Cider Vinegar
Ranch-Style Potato Salad
Southern Fried Chicken
Slider Burgers
Marinated Shrimp Kabobs
Classic Italians
Mac & Cheese
Pork n’ Beans
Corn on the Cobb
Apple pie a la mode
Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp
Watermelon Slices

Warm Weather Health Tips

Preparation and moderation are the key regarding enjoying time outdoors during the summer months. By following some common sense tips, we can all more fully enjoy the good summer weather and avoid over exposure to the sun and heat.

— What’s The Hurry? — Summer should be enjoyed, so why rush? The faster you move the more your body heats, especially in warm weather.

— Shade — Plan outdoor activities for cooler early morning hours. Look for shaded areas such as a covered porch or under a tree to enjoy an activity. Heat can impact seniors as easily indoors as it can outdoors, so be sure air conditioning is used. Lower shades to keep light and heat out.

— A Need to Hydrate — Ice cream, popsicles and other frozen treats are refreshing on a warm day. Also, drink plenty of water, juice and sports drinks while avoiding caffeine. Here at Schooner, check out our Brass Rail Café in the Village Green and the Camden coffee bar area. We have cool drinks available daily. Stay hydrated and stay healthy!

Coming Soon: Our 2017 Open House!

Saturday, September 9th we will be holding our Annual Open House! The past two years have been extremely successful thanks to the talent and involvement of you, our residents! Once again, we will be looking for volunteers to be involved in the day’s events. We will be featuring another display of Veteran’s pictures and items, and displaying your arts and crafts! If you have an idea of how you’d like to participate, please let us know! And don’t forget to invite your friends and family. Remember; Our Community is Your Community!

June 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter

June 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter

The Schooner Flash

June 2017
Issue 111

Your Schooner Family
Sue O’Brien
Linda Hildonen

In This Issue:

  • BBQ Season Begins
  • Lobster Bake
  • Welcome
  • Hydration
  • June BBQ Menu
  • Compassion


We’re Firing up the Grill!

We are looking forward to our first community barbeque of the season. It took a while for winter to end and summer has been knocking on the door! Our Schooner theme days have been decided and we are excited to share the dates with you. We hope this will help you to plan ahead, in order to not miss a single one. As always, we look forward to meeting family and friends there. Just call the front desk at 784-2900 to sign them up and reserve a spot.

Here are the dates:

  • June 7th: Hawaiian Theme
  • July 5th: Americana Theme
  • August: Ocean Theme, Seafood Buffet (Date to be announced)
  • September 20th: Oktoberfest

Take a look at our June 7th “Hawaiian” menu on page 3.

Our first lobster bake of the year is scheduled for Friday, June 16th at noon time on our cozy Residential Care Patio.

Held throughout the summer months, this a very tasty and popular event!

Just give our front desk a call and sign up.


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our community!

  • Sylvia Everett, apt. 642
  • Gus & Joanne Jaccaci, apt. 312
  • Larry Rinck, apt. 411
  • Susan Warschauer, apt. 530

A Need to Hydrate

It cannot be said enough – no matter what time of year it is, staying hydrated is essential! Drink plenty of water and try to limit your caffeine consumption. Here at Schooner, check out our Brass Rail Café in the Village Green and the Camden coffee bar area. We have ice cold, fresh fruit flavored water available daily. Stay hydrated and stay healthy!

Hawaiian Luau Menu

Hawaiian Luau 2017

Hawaiian Macaroni salad
Island Sweet Potato salad
Tropical Fruit Salad
Mixed greens with Bacon, Coconut, Macadamias, and Pineapple Vinaigrette

Char Sui Pork Shanks with Bok Choy
Coconut Curry Shrimp
Huli Huli Chicken
Island Style Fried Rice
Hawaiian Stir Fry Vegetables

Tropical Fruit Shortcake
Coconut Cream Pie
Mango Sorbet



Strive to be Compassionate

Despite popular belief that compassion depends solely on you, the way to achieve it may not lie just within yourself, but in your relationships and interactions with others. When we have feelings of caring or love for other people, we feel better.

So how can you tell if you are or not?

You find commonalities with other people. Compassionate people are very outward-focused because they think and feel about other people. They have that ability to feel others’ feelings, so they’re very socially connected.

You don’t put emphasis on money. If money doesn’t buy happiness, then it doesn’t buy compassion, either. A major component of compassion is giving back, even in the smallest ways. When we take actions that are caring and loving, we feel more love in return.

Be kind to yourself. If we treat ourselves harshly, this is the way we are likely to treat other people.

Teach Others. Compassionate people don’t want to just keep their gifts to themselves, they want to impart their knowledge onto other people

You Express Gratitude. Empathetic individuals not only acknowledge those acts of kindness done unto them, they actively express gratitude for them.

You’re Mindful. When you’re exercising compassion, you’re putting yourself in the moment. Compassionate people aren’t listening and checking their smartphones at the same time — they’re present, offering their empathetic response to the story right in front of them.

Info from the Huffington Post

April 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter

April 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter

The Schooner Flash

Issue 109
April 2017


In This Issue:

  • Afternoon Tea
  • Residential Care Open House
  • Welcome
  • Collective Goods
  • Word Search
  • Mardi Gras Pics
  • Employee Welcome
  • New Activities
  • Laughter
  • Easter Menu
  • Musical Entertainment

You Are Invited to Our Afternoon Tea

There’s nothing quite like a formal Afternoon Tea, and it’s even better when it’s for a good cause. Last year’s Tea, to benefit the American Heart Association, was such a good time that we’ve decided to do it again this year. This time, all proceeds from the event will go to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. The menu will include finger sandwiches, petite sweets, and a variety of fine teas. The event will take place in the Tenants Harbor Room on Sunday, April 9th at 4pm, and tickets are $10. Call the front desk for details!

Get to Know Your Neighbors: Residential Care Open House
Our Residential Care neighborhood is always open to all of our tenants, but so few people take advantage of the opportunity to come down for a visit. So here’s your formal invitation: Schooner Estates Residential Care will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday, April 25th, between 2:00 pm and 4:30 pm. With refreshments, music, and staff to provide guidance and information, this will be the perfect opportunity to learn more about our highest level of care. Come down and get to know your neighbors!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our community!

Walter Crites, Memory Care
Doris Fournier, Memory Care

Time to Shop!

Schooner is pleased to be hosting a “Collective Goods” (formerly Books are Fun) event. Having hosted this event several times in the past, it is well received and we all look forward to it! The fair will be loaded with gifts and books from hundreds of great publishers. All are at great discounts of 30, 40 and even 50 percent off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. You are sure to find something special. So stop by and browse through their many items.

The fair will be held in our Village Green on Friday, April 21st, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Everywhere Else, It Was Just Tuesday!

Our annual Schooner Mardi Gras celebration, celebrated on Fat Tuesday, February 28th, went off without a hitch! The food was outstanding and our ever popular parade was a success, as usual!

New Staff Members!

Schooner is pleased to send out an official welcome to Cynthia “Cindy” Swift, RN. Cindy comes to us from Androscoggin Home Care and Hospice and is our new Director of Nursing.

Cindy describes herself as a “Mainer through and through.” She graduated from the USM School of Nursing and worked for several home care agencies in Southern Maine before she and her husband of 33-years left Windham and moved to Lewiston-Auburn. Cindy says that her love of working with seniors runs deep, as she grew up with four generations under one roof. “I feel so blessed to have had my great-grandmother’s and grandparents’ influence in my upbringing.” Just like we feel blessed to have her here with us!

WELCOME BACK to Giselle Prevost. Giselle, our former Activities Director, has been with us for several years. After a leave of absence, she has returned to us with a new part time position: Resident Services Assistant, a busy job indeed! Among many other things, she will be mainly visiting and helping out our new residents with their needs. We’re happy to have her back!

New Activities

Writing 101: Schooner’s own CJ Cooper will be leading a writing class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10:30 -11:15 in the Camden Living Room. This class will be a good exploration of journaling and more. Call Giselle at ext. 135 for more details!

Canasta, Anyone? A new resident who is a Canasta player is looking to form a Canasta group to meet and play. All skill levels welcome! IF interested, call Giselle at ext. 135

Life is Better When You’re Laughing…

We’ve all heard it said many times, “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” Whether you’re watching an amusing show on TV or quietly giggling at a newspaper cartoon, laughing DOES you good. Laughter is a great form of stress relief, and that’s no joke. A good sense of humor can’t cure all ailments, but data is mounting about the positive things laughter can do. A good laugh has great short-term effects.
Laughter can:
•Enhance your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulating your heart, lungs and muscles.
•Activate and relieve your stress response.
•Soothe tension to stimulate circulation and aid muscle relaxation.

Our Easter Menu

Easter blessings to all…
May your happiness be great and your
troubles few. A delicious Easter meal prepared especially for you!

Easter Sunday, April 16th 2017


Black-Eyed Susan Deviled Eggs
Spring Tomato Bisque


Baked Pit Ham with
Caramelized Pineapple Glaze
Rosemary Dijon Grilled Lamb Chop
Baked Stuffed Sole with Sherry Wine
and Fresh Chives

Chicken Breast or Baked Fish –
Plain or Breaded


Sour Cream & Chive Mashed Potatoes
Rice Florentine * Summer Squash
Dill-Buttered Carrots*Peas and Pearl Onions


Strawberry Shortcake Parfait
Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake
Fresh Fruit Salad w/ Rainbow Sherbet

Musical Talent Galore!

You’re in for a treat, new to Schooner, “The Carol Bailey String Band” is coming on April 19th at 10:00 a.m. to our Village Green.  This group, consisting of a 20+ piece string band from Litchfield, are on an All American Music Tour. Ranging from the ages of 60 to 93 years old, this talented group spans about 30 years. They all share the love of music. The band started as a chorus in 2010 and eventually added instruments to their repertoire. Mary Fitzmaurice learned how to play the guitar and she also learned how to sing, thanks to rehearsals at the Litchfield Senior Center every Wednesday. With the help of the band’s director, Pat Bailey, members like Fitzmaurice are able to learn new lyrics. “We’re just recycled teenagers you know,” said Bailey. “You never know what’s going to happen, or what somebody is going to say. It just makes it a lot of fun.”

We hope to see everyone there!

January 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter

January 2017 Schooner Flash Newsletter january-2017-flash-newsletter-1 january-2017-flash-newsletter-2 january-2017-flash-newsletter-3 january-2017-flash-newsletter-4

The Schooner Flash

January 2017
Issue 106

Your Schooner Family

Sue O’Brien

Linda Hildonen

In This Issue:

  • A Time for Reflection
  • Welcome
  • Silent Auction
  • Robin Dow 2017
  • Word Search
  • Trinity Jubilee Center
  • Fraud Watch
  • Winter Safety
  • Kitchen Update
  • Our Favorite Pics

The New Year: A Time for Reflection

2016 was a year for the books. With its political upheaval and cultural unrest, many in the media have been looking back with disdain.   But those who look at it through experienced eyes may be able to give some much-needed perspective: we’ve all been through so much and it is with patience and gratefulness that we continue forward, together. Indeed, taking time to appreciate what’s right in our lives each and every day is   the best way to start a new year, as embracing the good memories while moving past the bad is the happiest way to look back.

Within our community, 2016 had many milestones. Our hallways have been given a makeover with the completion of two long-standing projects: a refresh of our art, and new wayfinding signs. We got to know many of our residents’ “Words of Wisdom” through a new marketing campaign. In August, we opened our doors to the public for a tremendously successful Open House, with the help of you, our residents. Perhaps most importantly, we added many new residents who have become an integral part of the Schooner Family.

2017 holds much promise for our community. Kitchen renovations are under way as part of a continued promise to serve the highest quality food. Our marketing focus continues to be based on our pride in the people who live and work here. And we look forward to welcoming even more new faces to our community, and strengthening the bonds of those who live here. We rely on you, our residents, to be involved in making   our community the best that it can be, through active participation, feedback, and your help in recommending our community to those who would flourish here. As always, we are grateful for you and your efforts, each and every day. Our community truly is your community.

By Linda Hildonen

It is with Great Pleasure that we Welcome You to the Neighborhood!

  • Carol “CJ” Cooper, studio 112
  • Bette Ann Cushman, apartment 527
  • Dorothy Hanson, apartment 631
  • Ann McDonald, apartment 428
  • Elaine Morrison, Residential Care

Silent Auction Update

Have you placed any bids? Our Silent Auction is a great success! Residents and employees are getting fantastic deals on some really nice items that have been packed away in storage. Going up for bid so far have been such items as beautiful glass lamps, well cared for furniture such as a chest of drawers, a desk and an entire bed set including the headboard and so on…plus much more!

A new set of one or more items is advertised every Friday for you to bid on. All bids must be submitted by noon each Thursday. See our posters located next to the Camden coffee bar and at the front desk in the Castine building.

Robin Dow 2017

The Robin Dow Senior Citizens Club will resume meetings in the Tenants Harbor Room on January 11th and will still be held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.   This meeting brings together seniors from the local area. Living here at Schooner, you have the advantage of not having to go out on cold winter days.

Doors open at 10:30 a.m. for socializing with free fresh brewed coffee and sale of raffle tickets to members only, prior to the 11:30 a.m. meeting. You are invited to attend as a guest. Members enjoy many scheduled activities such as birthday celebrations. Stop by and enjoy some time with the group. They look forward to seeing you!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Last month, we featured Ann Anderson in a Words of Wisdom ad, sharing the following pearl: “I am so fortunate. I think so many of us are, and we just don’t realize it.” When we interviewed Ann, we were speaking to her about her project of knitting slippers and hats all year long to donate in the Christmas Season. This year, Ann chose to donate her knit goods to the Trinity Jubilee Center, a local non-profit that works with underprivileged families and individuals in the Lewiston-Auburn area.

When we visited the center to drop off her four boxes of knit goods, we spoke to the center’s director, Erin, about their ongoing needs. This conversation inspired us, and we quickly endeavored to collect from you, our residents, any unwanted clothes, blankets and other goods to donate to the center. In less than a week, we were able to gather a whole truckload of donations to drop off at the center.

We want to thank everyone who donated! It just goes to show that a little generosity can go a long way!

AARP Fraud Watch on the Schooner Estates Facebook Page

You probably already knew that the Schooner Estates Facebook page is a great place to see pictures and videos from the latest events that take place right here. But did you know that it’s also a great place to learn about ways to protect yourself from the latest scams targeting the senior population? Each Wednesday, we post alerts from the AARP Fraud Watch team, letting you know what kind of scams are happening to seniors in the country, so that you can be prepared. Go online to learn, and be a fraud fighter! Here’s the latest AARP Fraud Alert, from December 28th:

Last year, Americans gave over $373 billion to charity. Government officials who regulate charities and fundraisers say that most charities are legitimate, but there are fundraisers that keep most of the money they raise. As you consider year-end giving, do your research. Check out charities at www.give.org or www.charitynavigator.org to make sure your money is going where it should and not into the pockets of scammers!

Enjoy Winter and Be Safe!

Winter is here and the cold weather has arrived. But remember, all that ice and snow means an increased chance of slipping and falling. Just one bad fall on ice can have long-term consequences. Here are some things you can do the make winter a little less perilous:

¨ Check your footwear. Wear winter boots when outside. How’s the traction? Better traction can help keep you more stable on icy surfaces.

¨ If you drive a car, bring a cell phone (if you have one) when you leave. If you fall, it can sometimes be hard to get up. Carrying a cell phone whenever you go out can bring peace of mind.

¨ Slow down. Allow extra time if it’s slippery out. When you hurry, you end up pushing the envelope of what your balance can handle. Keep in mind that being a little late is better than falling.

¨ Ask for help. If you have to walk across an icy sidewalk or parking lot, try to find a steady arm to lean on.

Also, we want to thank our fantastic maintenance crew for everything they do here at Schooner during the harsh winter months. From keeping the walkways safe, plowing, clearing off residents’ cars, etc. They do it all!

Have You Heard?

We are happy to inform you that the start of the construction for our new kitchen update has officially begun! Pictured below is the laying of the concrete pad for the new cooler.

Despite the challenges of winter, our project is marching forward.






December 2016 Schooner Flash Newsletter

December 2016 Flash Newsletter


december-2016-flash-newsletter-page1 december-2016-flash-newsletter-page2 december-2016-flash-newsletter-page3 december-2016-flash-newsletter-page4

The Schooner Flash

December 2016
Issue 105

Your Schooner Family

Sue O’Brien

Linda Hildonen


Inside This Issue:

  • Holiday Parties
  • Welcome
  • Silent Auction
  • Maintenance Note
  • Word Search
  • Senior Living
  • Holiday Menus
  • Books are Fun Event
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Our Favorite Pics

Let’s Get Together for the Holidays

Celebrate the season and plan to attend your 2016 Schooner holiday parties! Join your friends and neighbors for a joyous evening of festivities. Each event will include live entertainment, many delectable items to eat and drink and of course, exceptional company.

On the entertainment side, vocalist Mary Murphy will provide the evening’s music for both holiday parties. The Present Company Band will entertain at both New Year’s Parties.

  • Apartments Holiday Party: Tuesday, December 13th at 5:00 p.m. in the Tenants Harbor Room.
  • Residential Care, Studios and Memory Care Holiday Party: Wednesday, December 14th at 5:00 p.m. in the Village Green.
  • Residential Care, Studios and Memory Care New Year’s Party: Saturday, December 31st at 3:00 p.m. in the Village Green.
  • Apartments New Year’s Party: Saturday, December 31st in the Tenants Harbor Room, at 5:00 p.m.

The annual lighting of the big outdoor tree at Castine will be held on Thursday, December 1st at 4:00 p.m. Come join us for a few holiday songs and refreshments!

See our party menus on page four. Delicious!


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our community!

  • Deanna Fickett, studio 111
  • Lennice Godbout, studio 103


Announcing a New Program

We will be offering an item OR items, that have been donated to Schooner Estates. The item(s) will go up for bids on Friday of each week and close to bids on Thursday at noon of the following week. The item(s) will be shown on a flyer and can be viewed in person. The high bidder will win the item(s) and need to pay and pick up within three days. Schooner management reserves the right to accept and/or reject all bids. The money raised will be donated to one of our selected Charities.

The Auction is a fair way to let staff and tenants, who have expressed interest in such a process, to get to purchase items donated. It will also help with ALL of our fundraising efforts. That in turn will greatly help our chosen Charities. Bid high & often, it’s a great way to feel good and be a part of the effort to help raise money for worthwhile causes.

Please look for the bid item(s) posters at the front desk and the Camden coffee bar. Pick up and submit your bid forms at the front desk. The item(s) are located in the Tenants Harbor Room.

Hope you are a winner!


For Your Convenience…

During the cold, snowy winter months, if you need your vehicle for an appointment, etc. , please let maintenance know (ext. 159, at least a day ahead) and they will have it ready for you. They will start your car, clear frost from the windshield and do any snow removal, with a smile!


Healthy Eating and Carbohydrates

We need carbohydrates (carbs). They are our chief source of energy – like gasoline is to a car. Carbs fuel your body and your brain, too. The richest sources are anything that grows from the earth; fruit, vegetables (and root vegetables), grains and legumes. These are whole foods or complex carbohydrates, which our body breaks down slowly during digestion.

What we don’t need is the simple carbs so prevalent among our food choices today – the processed, refined foods. These are whole foods or complex carbs that have been drastically altered before we eat them.

Sadly, misinformation has made carb another four-letter word. Low-carb diets tell us carbs are the reason we become insulin resistant and gain weight, as indicated by the rising incidents of obesity and diabetes. But carbohydrates were around long before these high disease rates occurred. Processed carbs weren’t. Therefore, carbohydrates aren’t the problem, say nutritionists. It’s the processed, refined carbohydrates that throw our bodies out of balance. If we had left carbs in their natural state, they wouldn’t have become a problem.

The body is designed to slowly and methodically break down a whole food into the nutrients it needs. Refined sugars and other highly processed foods are already broken down and absorbed very quickly. Eating them too frequently is confusing and stressful to the body. Nutritionists advise not to follow a low-carb diet, but a “proper carb diet.”

The human race is getting sicker. It’s not just obesity and diabetes, but cancers and heart disease are also on the rise. Processed, refined foods are a contributing factor to declining health. They lack the nutrition needed to strengthen our bodies and our immune systems. Same for the restrictive low-carb diets, say nutritionists. These diets lack fiber and many phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables – including nutrients science hasn’t discovered yet.

Perhaps the best strategy to correct an insulin imbalance and lose the resulting weight is to eat more natural carbs and less of the carbs that can create an insulin problem — the “junk” food. If your carb choice isn’t in a form Mother Nature created, it may not be a healthy choice. Cut back on foods designed and altered by humans. Choose an apple as a snack instead of a cookie or a sports bar. Eat more fruits and vegetables, legumes, root vegetables and whole grains. Carbohydrates are not “bad” for us. We must avoid using the word carbohydrate when we are referring to processed, refined foods.


Be sure to make it a point to visit our “Wellness Board”, located right outside the Searsport Dining Room, next to the main kitchen on the ground floor. Each month a different Schooner department is assigned to set up the board with new, health conscience tips. We are committed to helping you keep in tip, top shape!


Christmas Day Menu

It’s here! Take a look at our Christmas Day menu below and you might just feel a slight rush of pre-Christmas spirit!


Shrimp Cocktail
Mixed Greens Salad w/Cranberries, Walnuts, Crumbled Bleu Cheese & Balsamic Vinaigrette



Prime Rib us Jus w/Horseradish Cream
Cranberry-Sage Stuffed Chicken Breast
Seafood-Stuffed Sole w/Sherry Lobster Sauce



Mashed Potato
Sweet Potato w/Marshmallows
Honey-Glazed Carrots
Fresh Squash



Gingerbread Cream Cake
Cherry Pie
Oreo Mint Ice Cream

Holiday Party Menu

Passed Hors d’oeuvres

Assorted Fruit and Cheese with Crackers
Various Dips and Breads
Stuffed Cocktail Rolls with Lobster
Ham, and Egg Salad
Mini Quiche
Italian Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms
Scallops Wrapped in Maple Bacon
Cocktail Meatballs
Classic Shrimp Cocktail


Holiday Table

Glazed Pecans
Holiday Cookies/Sweets
Mulled Cider
Spiced Egg Nog


Books & Gifts Galore

Schooner is happy to be hosting another “Books Are Fun” event. The fair will be loaded with gifts and books from hundreds of great publishers. All are at great discounts of 30, 40 and even 50 percent off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. You are sure to find something special. So stop by and browse through their many items. Shop for the holidays!

The fair will be held in our Village Green on Wednesday, December 7th, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Words of Wisdom: Glenn Hayes

Glenn Hayes, from apartment 313, has some insight from his 31 years as a school teacher that is good advice for students, teachers, and just about everyone else: “Whatever life throws at you, meet it calmly and with a smile. You can go much further with a smile than a frown. A calm person can do much more than a hurried one.”