Meet Your Team

The dedicated staff at Schooner Estates offers heartfelt service and care that goes above and beyond, making them more than caregivers and staff members. They are part of our resident’s lives friends to our residents and a large part of our community.

We are proud to employ staff members that are committed to Schooner Estates and its residents. That’s why they stick around. Many of our staff members have been with Schooner Estates for 10 years or more.


Donna-VachonDonna Vachon, RN
Director of Nursing Services

Donna Vachon, RN has been the leader of Schooner Estates Home Health Services for 7 years. She is responsible for managing the clinical staff and coordinating the clinical care for our Tenants and Residents.  Her 25 years of Registered Nurse experience, 18 years with a local Home Health Agency, has given her the unique understanding of the needs of the people we serve.  Acting as a clinical liaison, Donna strives to help people to understand their own needs and to communicate them not only to the families but to the other care providers in the community as well. “I know how complicated it can be to talk to doctors and schedule tests and appointments. I want people to have the best care and oversight possible. It’s nice to know we are always there for people 24/7 and able to respond at a moment’s notice.”



Chef Seth LyonsChef Seth Lyons
Director of Dining Services

A graduate of Johnson and Wales University, Chef Seth Lyons has been working in the culinary arts for more than 20 years. The passion and knowledge that he gained in working on the coasts of Maine and in elegant country club settings comes through in the flair and flavor of every meal. His philosophy in cooking for the tenants at Schooner Estates is to deliver an elevated level of service while keeping things fresh every season. “It’s very rewarding to make great food for the wonderful, appreciative folks at Schooner,” he says. “When people love the food they eat, that really makes an impact on their day.” Chef Seth brings his talents not only to our daily meals, but also to our many celebrations: from barbecues to Mardi Gras feasts, we do it all deliciously at Schooner! As Director of Dining Services, Chef Seth also caters private functions and gatherings for the tenants and their families. “I feel the the kitchen is the heart and soul of every home, and that’s especially true here.”



mark-prevostMark Prevost
Director of Resident Services

As the Director of Resident Services, Mark Prevost has been overseeing the finer details of everyday life at Schooner Estates for 16 years. From ensuring our transportation is top notch and on time to scheduling high quality performances for all to enjoy, Mark has done it all.  Schooner Estates has been Mark’s passion: “I cannot wait to get to work every day. I get to be with wonderful people, both Tenants and staff each day. I get to bring a smile to many faces and they could not have designed a better job for me. I really enjoy helping people live their lives to the fullest.”  Mark has no better enjoyment than when people move in “I love to see people move in and how quickly they come to me afterwards and say ‘I love it here’. It’s amazing how fast that happens!”