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January 2014 newsletter

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Welcome Aboard

Schooner Estates is proud to introduce Mike Lacasse as our new Residential Care Director. Mike had spent the last 20 years in the Air Force before he recently retired and moved back to his home state of Maine. He grew up in Sabattus and graduated from Brunswick High School before enlisting. Mike currently has his Associate degrees in both Business and Healthcare Administration and worked in the Air Force’s 2nd largest treatment facility located in California. Mike currently resides in Lisbon Falls with his wife Danielle and his two daughters Zoe and Chloe.


New Calendar Design

As you may have noticed, we have changed the look of our monthly activity calendar. Welcome to our new and improved design…we hope you like it! If you have any suggestions or comments, please share! We look forward to your feedback.

The new format gives us more space to better describe each event and categorizes them in easy to find sections, that are of interest to you. Our goal is to make every issue more informative and interesting for you to read!


School Bus Safety

REMEMBER To “ALWAYS” STOP for a school bus with flashing RED lights. They are loading/unloading small children who may not remember to look both ways before crossing the street. Stay alert, do not do anything else that may be distracting and do not rush anywhere. Driving is a privilege not a right, besides, IT’S THE LAW. Thank you for your cooperation.


Monthly Give Back

Our final 25th Anniversary celebration “Giving Back to the Community” of 2013 was a $500 give-away of heating oil. Free oil will be a welcome to the lucky winner since Jack Frost has arrived a bit earlier than usual, bringing in some really cold temperatures.

The winner was chosen in December 2013 from all entries. 


Just a Few Reminders

If you have guests staying overnight, please

be sure to get a set of their car keys to the front desk. This will enable maintenance to clear the snow from their car and plow

the parking spot.


In order to prevent freezing pipes, please do not open your windows from the bottom.

If you must open them for a short time,

open from the top.


Winter Safety Tips

Winter has arrived, delivering cold temperatures, lots of ice and of course, snow! Snow is pretty on the trees and it is relaxing to watch it fall while we are inside and warm. But remember, all that ice and snow means an increased chance of slipping and falling. Here are some things you can do the make winter a little less perilous:

• Check your footwear. Wear winter boots when outside. How’s the traction? Better traction can help keep you more stable on icy surfaces.

• If you drive a car, bring a cell phone (if you have one) when you leave. If you fall, it can sometimes be hard to get up. Carrying a cell phone whenever you go out can bring peace of mind.

• Slow down. Allow extra time if it’s slippery out. When you hurry, you end up pushing the envelope of what your balance can handle. Keep in mind that being a little late is better than falling.

• Ask for help. If you have to walk across an icy sidewalk or parking lot, try to find a steady arm to lean on. Schooner employees are always happy to help!


Holiday Happenings

As 2013 steadily continues to make its exit, we hope this year was good for you and will be even better in 2014! Below are a few photos of our 2013 holiday parties and events!

Our December Bake Sale went well!

The total donations came to $ 235.00.

Thank you ALL once again for your continued support ~ it is so very much appreciated. All proceeds were donated to the Heart Fund


Who’s new in the neighborhood

 Lillian Auchterlonie

Joan Chenard

Marilyn Erickson

Mike Olivier

Alice Ross